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Markt 1
04860 Torgau, Germany

Telephone: +49 03421 7014-0
Fax: +49 03421 7014-15

Opening Hours November - April
Mo-Fr 10am - 4pm / Sa 10 am - 2pm

Summer Opening Hours

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Special Exhibitions



The gorgeous „Torgauer Apotheke", Dresden State Art Collection

Exhibition of the Dresden State Art Collection
Starting May 19th 2017

The exhibition focuses on Torgau as the centre of  goldsmith work. The gorgeous  „Torgauer Apotheke“— an Indian mother-of-pearl box  designed and decorated by a goldsmith from Torgau  will be presented among others.
These selected treasures  from the Dresden State Art Collection  bring the  splendour of the electoral court  in the architectural and reformation.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

John Frederick the Magnanimous – the last Ernestine Elector


View inside the Electoral Chambers, Dresden State Art Collection

September 10th 2017 - Opening of the Electoral Chambers
The new permanent exhibition emphasizes Torgau´s significance as the centre of the Reformation and as place representing court architecture of European rank.
The modern exhibition gives access to the historical special dimension of the authentic location with help of an extensive multimedial supported presentation.
Central to the exhibition are John Frederick the Magnanimous  and his wife Sibylle von Cleve. The last Ernestine prince elector  resided mainly in  Torgau  between 1533 and 1547.  He is regarded as the  secular pioneer  for  Martin Luther´s doctrine.


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